Environmental responsibilities

Our environmental responsibilities are important to us. We have achieved our goals by approaching these issues holistically, identifying all the relevant aspects our supply chain process.
We focus our energies on minimising the impact of each aspect, an approach that has generated improvements in recycling, energy conservation, materials management, water conservation, solid waste reduction, and emission reduction and pollution prevention. For our paper products we ensure our recycled paper is made from post consumer waste, with the remainder virgin or pure base sheet being ethically sourced from companies with FSI or FSC accreditation.

The core proposition of our business is dependability. Five factors are fundamental to achieving this and so we have put them at the heart of our business.


Proving reliability and dependability by delivering on promises. Customers should trust and feel confident every time they do business with us.


Experience, training and knowledge led us to specialise in the field of dispensing and all things related. Constantly looking for innovations and solutions along with close co-operation with the customer.


An eagerness to listen and respond quickly, based on a commitment to serve customers in the best way possible. Identifying needs and recommending solutions.


Whatever products you purchase from us, we believe that the way they are packaged, delivered and perform should always meet your expectations.


Communication is key; it is the oil that helps the wheels of business turn smoothly. So we communicate openly, both internally and with our customers.